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We specialize in keeping your memories as fresh as the day you captured them. In 2 easy steps, we transfer your video to digital DVD, ensuring the highest playback quality possible, then provide you with as many durable copies as desired to share with family and friends.

If you're looking to copy family memories from once popular media formats such as (but not limited to) 8mm, Super 8, Beta, audio cassette, LP, 8-track, reel to reel, and VHS -  we’re the experts! We realize that it's a matter of trust to send your reels, tapes and cassettes of memories to us for transferring and duplication. We at Master Copycats have taken steps to keep your treasures as safe as possible:

We transfer your recordings from your old media format to a 'Master' format. The 'Master' that is made during the transferring process is stored on-site at our professional recording studio in Hanwell, New Brunswick to facilitate future duplication, and as a safety precaution in case of damage to your original media formats. Then, using the 'Master' format, we will make duplications and provide you with as many copies as you need.

We offer additional optional services such as graphic design for the CD/DVD packaging and covers as well as slideshows for old photos. Trust us, the professionals, to keep your memories and experiences future-proof.

We have been based in the Fredericton area and proudly serving Atlantic Canada since 1979.

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